SlovoEd: English Dictionary

SlovoEd: English Dictionary 4.0

SlovoEd is English to English explanatory dictionary for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile with the unique feature-rich dictionary engine. High-quality dictionary databases from world leading linguistic companies are specially adapted for Pocket PC dictionaries.

English Pocket PC dictionary features for everyone:

  • Optional add-on sound modules enable to listen pronunciations of the words with live speech quality (pre-recorded voice of native speakers). More details and voice samples...
  • You can select the most suitable dictionary from several English to English dictionaries (up to 225,000 definitions)
  • List of English irregular verbs
  • Two methods of learning new words specially designed for language learners: "Flash Card Quiz" and "Word of the day"
  • Possibility to install several Pocket PC dictionaries at the same time (for example, English to English and English-German Pocket PC dictionaries)
  • Translation in any active application without exiting current application/document and switching to SlovoEd Pocket PC dictionary
  • Possibility to change English Pocket PC dictionary with built-in editor (edit/remove existing entries and add new entries) or create your own dictionary database
  • Five dictionary appearance themes are available
  • Search module enables to find words using wildcards ("*", "?", etc.) even if you do not know their exact spelling

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SlovoEd: English Dictionary


SlovoEd: English Dictionary 4.0

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